About Rotiflip


Three good friends, Alan, Clement and Julian wanted to open a restaurant. 

Living in Sydney, they missed eating freshly made Roti Canai, sipping on frothy Teh Tarik and snacking on smoky Satay skewers. It was the food they loved from their youthful days in Kuala Lumpur. 

They decided to put their corporate careers on hold, pack their bags, and travel to Malaysia.

Returning to Sydney, the trio set up a market stall at Sydney's Chinatown Night Markets. 

Every Friday, they honed in on their roti-flipping, satay-grilling and tea-pulling skills, which resulted in a cult-following of hungry customers who would queue up for hours to eat their handmade Roti Canai, homemade Teh Tarik and authentic Satays.

In 2007, the first restaurant opened in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Mamak, named after the roadside stalls that peddle Indian Malay street food became an instant hit with the locals. Crowds gathered, lines extended out the door and queues wrapped around the block.

A year later, Mamak was awarded "Favourite Asian" by the Sydney Morning Herald, Good Food Guide.

In 2009, the restaurant expanded to the shop next door and doubled in size. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Mamak opened its second branch in Chatswood on October 2010 and the third in Melbourne on September 2012. 

Today, the trio continue to be at the forefront of Malaysian cuisine. In 2014 they opened a spin-off restaurant named Hawker, specialising in Malaysian-Chinese cuisine. In 2022, Mamak opened its fourth branch in Brisbane and the fifth in Parramatta.

"Whether you're an avid fan or new to the cuisine, we warmly welcome you to our restaurants, and hope you enjoy the food as much as we do!"

- Alan, Clement and Julian